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If you have trouble hearing the TV or Skype conversations? This for you. HIFI Wireless headphone Earphone Headset wireless Monitor FM radio for MP4 PC TV audio

For Skype conversations or TV bingle a slim wireless headset built in lithium battery stereo headset for TV PC stereo earphones Headphones-in Earphones

Enlarged image: Large easy-to-see radio controlled watch (water resistant)

Do you have to turn up TV volume to a level that bothers others? TV Direct Personal Amplifier delivers great quality sound - just to you

$45 Big button digital phone. Caller ID on screen, Red flash warns of incoming call. Corded - works in case of power outage

Kids eat free at ihop and all sorts of restaurants. But they sure don't eat free at my house! X0X0 Renae.

Business giveaways for June 2013. Giveaways are worth $218 today and I made something extra special for you. :) X0X0 Renae.