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hahaha - Siberian Husky << ROFLOL AHMAIGAWD I would literally piss myself if I was like, perusing the fridge and looked up; and oh is it a cat? A bird? NO it's a full-grown SIBERIAN HUSKY. Chilling on top of my fridge.

Humour funny husky playing seasons

Funny pictures about Husky During The Different Seasons. Oh, and cool pics about Husky During The Different Seasons. Also, Husky During The Different Seasons photos.

Very true!  Huskies DON'T do Rules!

No, Huskies certainly do not "do" rules! (Yes, Human, they DO. But you have to be stronger than they are!) Perfect for me!

So very true....if my boys are silent there's definitely mischief happening

The Ultimate CAT CARE Guide

Ohh yes, silence = trouble

Snow dogs always recommend Dyson.

I should get a front door mat with this on it

So husky.  So Anastasia lol

So husky. So Anastasia lol

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 20 Pics - Daily Lol Pics

A Man Captured The Exact Moment He Didn't Give His Husky The Last Bite Of His Burger. Every dog owner knows this face lol

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We got a rescue police dog that could do this and a whole lot more.mind blowing tricks The loser police man beat the police dog with chains until someone changed that poor dogs life, and we got him

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Tattoos and cute dogs, yesh please!