The Four Hogwarts Houses Revisited ~ One of a kind masquerade ball masks inspired by Harry Potter and hand-created by mask artist Amanda Carroll (ArtisanMaskers) to benefit the Weber-Morgan Children's Justice Center.

Over the top? Yes, please. Antoinette Grand Masquerade Ball Mask by mask artist Amanda Carroll (ArtisanMaskers)

GORGEOUS one-of-a-kind masquerade ball mask. Maybe we watched Labyrinth too often as children... ~Artisan Maskers

Custom Beaded Mask - Wedding Masquerade Mask in Any Color and Style - Alternative Wedding Veil or Fascinator - ArtisanMaskers

One-of-a-kind mask, inspired by Labyrinth's fabulous Goblin Masquerade ~ ArtisanMaskers

Gilgamesh ~ One-of-a-kind troll mask made of papier-mâché and fabric by the Artisan Maskers

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