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Infographic: Rapid Product Development #Innovation

This APQC infographic looks at the use of rapid product development among organizations.

Shazam Infographic

Infografik: Shazam erobert den Massenmarkt - Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

[Infographic] This is what a minute on the internet looks like! #Internet

TECHNOLOGY: Data never sleeps. The graph explores how much data is generated in one minute and how society has become depended on technology.

World #Backup Day Mar 31ST [#Infographic] #worldbackupday

World Backup Day March 31ST [Infographic]

L'inventore di Applicazioni: Il 40 per cento degli inventori di applicazioni ha meno di 29 anni, e il 94 per cento di loro è maschio. L'infografica del Wall Street Journal.  http://www.internazionale.it/news/grafica/2013/03/28/linventore-di-applicazioni/#

The availability of so many mobile health apps and the low economic and technical barriers to entry in this market begs the question: Who is the typical mobile Health App Developer?

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest each play a different role in how consumers find and share purchase information | #Infographic

Shares on social media create shoppers. But not all social shares are created equally.

How Cloud Computing can hell Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs in the Cloud: How can help entrepreneurs & small businesses (Infographic)