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Always! It was the most amazing image ever!

I never noticed it before, but Matt Smith has a gorgeous profile, doesn’t he? <----- Yes! <--- HE HAS GOGGLES

you asked to see my scars, so i showed you wrists, thighs, and hips. but then i whispered," these are just the ones on the surface." and you asked what i meant by that, and i told you about all the scars left on my heart. and you replied," there were the ones i saw first, and thats why im here to try to fix it."

This is another one that I hate. The spouse that gets puts themselves in this position is also at fault. If there is a problem in your marriage, fight like crazy to fix it. Hold on with all your might. Don't go around smiling at other men. That's your mistake!!! Appreciate and respect your husband and your marriage. Everyone hits a bump in the road sometimes. That doesn't mean you open the door and bail out. I hate seeing these "quotes". Be better than this people!


How To DIY Aquaponics - The How To DIY Guide on Building Your Very Own Aquaponic System

I want one of these!! The Goldfish Garden aquaponic aquarium

Handmade Card with tools "Mr. Fix It" cute idea - like the background board with holes

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The most beautiful amongst us all seem to be slightly broken, women especially.… And fools we are for attempting to fix her. Just read her, learn her, love her. Don't try to make sense of her past, or dare predict her future. Who she was, is not who she is, and is certainly not who she would be, entirely. Because she's not sure who she is exactly. Let her sing her song. Watch her dance wildly to it. It's her time. Repairing that would only break her heart. And I'd rather be ripped apart from…

Never Let Them See You Break. The Golden Repair Part 2 Continuation of a previous article. Don't get even. Success is the best revenge.