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FN’s FN15 M4 and M16 are exacting, semi-auto copies of the real deal issued by Uncle Sam (except for the select-fire switch!). ---------- #gunsmagazine #guns #fnamerica #gunspictures #igmilitia #m4 #m16 #merica #murica #righttobeararms #secondamendment #223 #556 #tbt #throwbackthursday

"I'm 16. Today I ate lunch with my English teacher. Sometimes it's easier to relate to adults than to deal with people my own age"

My favorite rifle in the world....ladies and gentlemen!....the Colt M16A4....she looks beautiful, dont she?

Columbia River Knife and Tool CRKT M16-14ZLEK Law Enforcement Tanto Serrated Edge EDC Folding Knife Blade - Everyday Carry Gear Knife


from Jurassic Park wiki

Colt M16A2

M16 rifle, For me, It was a very accurate weapon. Qualified expert with it, but if it ever got dirty you had better have a secondary weapon because it would jam every time.

(FC: Shawn Mendes) Hi, I'm Denver. I'm 16, aka a sixth year, and in the Slytherien house. I like music, swimming, being in my house common room, eating, being outdoors, and travelling. Sometimes I feel like I should be in Hufflepuff, but it's too late to change that. I'm resourceful, ambitious, a dreamer, loyal, and enthusiastic. Though I can be shy when I first meet you, I'll warm up to you quickly. I have been described as the month of fall, and that's pretty accurate.