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Düşünce Gücüyle Tedavi-Louise Hay, Ruhsal gelişim,kişisel gelişim,yaşamın enerjisini yüreğinde hissetmek,kalp ve iletişim, yüreğinizden geçen duyguların hayata geçirilmesi,beyin yolu ile iletişimDÜ…

Cum sa scapi de oboseala cu ajutorul plantelor - Viata in verde viu

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Broken down that would be around: pages created every day created every hour 23 created every minute 1 created every 3 seconds o

Green Grass

waves of grass - Green Nature Desktop Wallpapers HD

Lush nature path at The Old Malthouse in Wiltshire, England. Photo by Heather Edwards on Serenity in the Garden

I love how the trees draw you to walk.the lush carpet of grass beneath your feet and the sprinkle of flowers beside the path. So inspiring and thrilling a walk down this path would be!

Lindísimo día... ♡ ♡

Dandelion seeds floating in the breeze:):) Reminds me of that perfect summer day where the sun is out and everything is delightful.

So calm

the wind blowing throw the grass is a symbol for the holy spirit

Beautiful Mustard Field, Germany.  Photo by les flynn —

Mustard Field, Germany--remember driving through Germany and just being amazed at the gorgeous yellow of the fields!

Hande Dengim Bağcıoğulları Temizkan - Bioenerjist & Yaşam Koçu

Hande Dengim Bağcıoğulları Temizkan - Bioenerjist & Yaşam Koçu