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This awesome badboy is definitely on my wishlist. Tag a friend you want to give this to as a belated Christmas present. Visit Gun Carrier today by clicking the Repost from

Apache. Actual weapon from 1890s. SOOO COOL!

Wow, like a Swiss Army knife of weapons - Apache. Actual weapon from Definitely looks steampunk.

H & K HK XM25 IAWS (Individual Airburst Weapon System).

The Counter Defilade Target Engagement(CDTE) also known as the Punisher andIndividual Semiautomatic Air Burst System is an air burst grenade launcher derived from the OICW. Because your hirelings need all the help they can get.

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Kevin VanDam Spring Fishing Tips: Finesse Techniques

Desert Eagle - boom there it is! Find our speedloader now! http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

Desert Eagle - boom there it is! Find our speedloader now…

Terminator Stroller

Stainless Steel Sculpture by Shi Jinsong World Design: What a stroller!

Looks like it could be a Rail Magnum

Rail gun revolver maybe in the future but probably not

By Engraved Colt Magnum Anaconda Revolver.


octagon barrel dueling pistol set, complete with cleaning tools, ammo mould, powder flask .