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My name is Nidhi Chanani and I'm a freelance illustrator. When I decided to pursue art as a career I said repeatedly “I want to make people happy.” In the rush


I am Caroline, In 2008 I was investing house in Los Angeles, CA. Once had a dream of transfers from financial institutions in Edison, NJ. What gets me going now is managing lending in the financial...

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Ancora un paio di pagine e poi basta, che domani è lunedì... Ma chi ci crede?


"She fills her drawing book with line Sewing lace on widows' weeds And filigree on leaf and vine Vine and leaf are filigree And her coat's a secondhand one Trimmed with antique luxury She is a lady of the canyon" -Joni Mitchell

Hi, my name is Lynda Dickson. I am a book lover and a book hoarder like a lot of you out there. Books Direct is your one-stop online bookstore for the whole family. You will find all the latest new...