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(Healingtalks) As with GMOS, many food companies are now using unregulated and undisclosed nanomaterials in agriculture, processing, and packaging.

(HealingTalks) Shocking revelation: chocolate to become the next mass-marketed GM food

(Healingtalks) Turning a product around to read the ingredients is a smart practice. In the case of soft drink, besides the high caloric content or high sugar intake, there is another substance to beware of and add to our ‘avoid list.’ About 10% of all soft drinks in the US contain a substance patented as a flame retardant and banned throughout Europe and in Japan as a food ingredient.

(Healingtalks) To add to all the food hazards in the marketplace, it is not surprising that the typical microwave popcorn you find in fast food chains has a chemical additive to give it a buttery flavor. It is better known as diacetyl.

(Healingtalks) Because federal laws do not require genetically messed-up food to be labeled, 14 states are debating whether to legally require such labeling. The debate is taking place from NY to California, as legislators consider the impact of also the first genetically messed-up animal (salmon) for our dinner plates

(HealingTalks) Preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease with a veg diet Harvard study links pasteurized milk to cancer

Ammonite sutures. Breathtaking!