Every weekend, the resident personal trainer (and combat veteran) leads a boot camp. When he showed me the program of pain he hit his clients with today, I begged him to let me share it here.


Week 2 Challenge: Log Four Workouts

CrossFit Inspired At Home Chipper Workout: Hollow Rocks-Rock like a banana, Air Squats-Arms out and up

Workout routine of the day: Great upper body workout routine for women. This truly is a perfect upper body workout in my opinion!

Morning Workout

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Leg-Killer Kettlebell Workout (30 Minutes

Working with kettlebells is an awesome way to switch things up in your workout routine. There’s this thing called muscle memory which is when…Continue Reading

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15 minutes of kettlebells= 300 cals burned! I did this and modified it to 10 goblet squats (using kb) and 20 v-ups instead of sit-ups( I'm dripping sweat) and increased time to 20 minutes

"30 min" Kettlebell Workout, took me way longer than that but it is awesome  |

min" Kettlebell Workout, took me way longer than that but it is awesome use 15 lb kettlebell