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Our punctuation pals – Show that punctuation marks are our pals with this infographic to explain twelve of our ever-useful punctuation marks. Take a look at the ful

Rewe ew2r,

We all write. This is inevitable. So we must be conscious of writing mistakes. Here are the most commonly misused words in writing that you should avoid.

Regular and Irregular Plural Nouns in English - #Spelling #Grammar @English4Matura

English Grammar Rules about how to make Plural Nouns, both Regular and Irregular for English Learners - Gramática Inglesa

Fun with Grammer do they still teach this or do we all just take what our smart phone suggest.

Some people seriously need to learn this. Weren't we supposed to learn this in elementary school? Such a pet peeve of mine when people can't use the correct word in the correct context.