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Isaac5474's art The Meal from exhibit "Brilliant Matisse Still Lifes" My inspiration for creating this artwork was the artist Henri Matisse. My favorite thing about Matisse is that he persevered even though he was in a wheelchair. My artwork is a still life because Henri Matisse painted still life's.My favorite part of my still life is the bowl because it has a nice blue color to it. One thing I learned was Henri Matisse was interested in being a lawyer before he became an artist.

Olivia15401's art on Artsonia 1st Grade - My Primary Colors from exhibit "Painting like Piet Mondrain"

Add-a-Charm Sterling Silver Oval

ALDI- Interesting Facts.... One not included here...per the ALDI website, they do not allow genetically modified ingredients in their own brands! Love this place even more than I already did.

How to Live on Beans and Rice for a Week

Going on a diet of beans and rice is a great way to cut your weekly food budget, but it can get SO boring very quickly! Here are some ways to break the monotony and add some spice to your meals.