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Psychology Vs Psychiatry: the Meaningful Difference in a Nutshell

Psychology Vs Psychiatry: the Meaningful Difference in a Nutshell

I am pinning this for my bf, cuz he feels exactly the same way as this previous pinner...I HATE when people say oh you're going to be a psychiatrist right? No, a psychologist. and they respond with oh, thats the same thing!!!!

If you or a loved one has been trying to quit smoking, here is one more reason you may want to quit. A new study has released information that makes smoking cigarettes out to be even more dangerous for ones health than previously thought. Smoking has for a long time been considered responsible for 21 different disease including 12 different types of cancer, but now five more diseases have now been added to the list. Click here to read more

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U prvom loncu su ljudi kojima ne trebas puno da pricas. Brzo kapiraju, brzo se snalaze i odmah krecu na izvrsenje zadatih poslova. Sa njima je milina raditi.

The Impact of Trauma

Narcissistic abuse is so traumatic that the survivors develop PTSD. The last six years has been so many of these... I'm so glad I'm healing now, building myself into a better me. A stronger me. Knowing that this is what I'm dealing with helps so much.