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The horror of Tesco selling live, packaged turtles in their supermarkets! Tesco is responsible for all stages of these creatures' tortured existence from being farmed in terrible conditions, packaged in boxes to live on supermarket shelves gasping for life, to their customers' no doubt random slaughtering techniques. When the turtles are killed in the shop they are butchered by having their heads ...cut off and crushed with no pre-stunning. At times they don't die for a hour.

Hand picked by the future owners of their furs, will now either be murdered by breaking their spines, skinned alive, or killed by anal electrocutions (during wh...ich an electrically charged steel rod is inserted into the animal's rectum, literally frying his or her insides) - the real price of fur, and the reality of Eastern European fur farms. See more:

YOUNG MACAQUES IN DISBELIEF Photograph by Chris Norfolk for National Geographic In this candid capture by Chris Norfolk, we see two young Macaques looking on in disbelief as their mother chases away an assailant who was trying to steal their food. The photograph was taken at the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary in Ubud

Jacqueline Traide, a 24-year-old performance artist, was hauled on a leash into the window of Lush’s Regent Street shop window. What followed was 10 hours – streamed live, of what animals go through when being used for product testing in the cosmetic industry. L’Oreal is one of the biggest abusers of animals in this manner. It’s easy to avoid products tested on animals… just read the label and make sure it says "Not tested on animals" If it doesn’t say that - it IS TESTED ON ANIMALS

The smile is gone. She died in agony so that @SeaWorld could get the pretty ones. #OpKillingBay We Do Not Forgive

Article. Links. Video.Very young or even fetal Karakul lambs are prized for pelts Each year, approximately 4,000,000 baby Karakul lambs are killed as a fetus or within a day or two of their birth to make Persian lamb fur coats and trim. Educate yourself about this here and spread the word. NEVER EVER BUY!

A common method used to dispose of unwanted male chicks is grinding them up alive. This method can result in unspeakable horrors as a research scientist described, “Even after twenty seconds, there were only partly damaged animals with whole skulls.” In other words, fully conscious chicks were partially ground up. Eyewitness accounts at commercial hatcheries indicate similar horrors with chicks ...being slowly dismembered on augers carrying them towards a trash bin or manure spreader.''