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The horror of Tesco selling live, packaged turtles in their supermarkets! Tesco is responsible for all stages of these creatures' tortured existence from being farmed in terrible conditions, packaged in boxes to live on supermarket shelves gasping for life, to their customers' no doubt random slaughtering techniques. When the turtles are killed in the shop they are butchered by having their heads ...cut off and crushed with no pre-stunning. At times they don't die for a hour.

Hand picked by the future owners of their furs, will now either be murdered by breaking their spines, skinned alive, or killed by anal electrocutions (during wh...ich an electrically charged steel rod is inserted into the animal's rectum, literally frying his or her insides) - the real price of fur, and the reality of Eastern European fur farms. See more:

animal rights | Tumblr Lab torture must end! There is no reason to put an innocent animal through heinous experiments and pain. Please advocate to end this barbaric practice. Please share (Pin).

~if somebody did this to a human, they would get life in prison yet this little guy is suffering just as you or I would. This is a disgrace to humanity. As human beings, we should NOT allow this! Since when did torture and pain to other living creatures become okay!?! LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE - why would anyone do this????