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SAN MARCOS, TEXAS—While looking for ships that belonged to Captain Henry Morgan, the notorious English privateer, a team of underwater archaeologists discovered a rare seventeenth-century Spanish shipwreck off the coast of Panama. The Encarnación, built in Veracruz, Mexico, was a ship in Spain’s Tierra Firme fleet, which carried precious metals from the New World to Spain and distributed European goods throughout the Spanish colonies. “These ships were the backbone of the Spanish colonies,”…

Some of the artifacts retrieved from the shipwreck "La Belle". Check out the website it is really interesting and fun, good for kids too. http://www.texasbeyondhistory.net/belle/index.html

Scientists exploring marine life in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year uncovered a shipwreck site believed to be 200-years-old on May 17, 2012. (NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program)

Lions, Chauvet Cave, France. A new batch of 88 radiocarbon dates has further refined the cave’s chronology. Humans used the cave from 37,000 to 33,500 years ago and again from 31,000 to 28,000 years ago, the research has found.

A large shipshed on Mirabello Bay was originally excavated by Boyd in 1901, and was reexamined and cleared by the new team several years ago.

Arqueólogos del INAH localizan el "Huey Tzompantli" - Nota - Sociedad y Medio Ambiente - www.aztecanoticias.com.mx

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