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Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diving Chronograph

"Maurice Lacroix jumps on the NATO-strap bandwagon with a sleek new diver called the Pontos S Diving Chronograph. The watch features an automatic movement with a power reserve of 46 hours and comes with a metal bracelet or a variety NATO straps to match the dial color."

Top 50 Best Selling Natural Hair Products (Updated Regularly)

The best selling hair products for naturals are not being bought from the giants who ignored black women for decades.Now that they are losing money because of the movement, I can only think that we’ll soon see these same companies who’ve never put natural hair on display or even tried to make products for kinky textured hair jump on the band wagon in the next couple years. My question is, should you support them when this happens?

Home automation, once the wave of the future, is becoming more and more mainstream as tech giants like Google, Amazon and Samsung jump on the bandwagon in product development.

Why Twitter Is Like a Deli With Good Pastrami

Why Twitter Is Like a Deli With Good Pastrami A deli makes a great pastrami sandwich but only sells them within a five-block radius. Likewise when Twitter doesnt draw new users it cant sell more ads. Technology Online Advertising