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ARTHUR - A1101143 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/14/17 A volunteer writes: Arthur might have been quite nervous upon arrival at the care center, but he has made a lovely turn around after just a few days. Playgroups with his peers and strolls in the street are helping, of course. He is a handsome gent with an earnest face, is a bit on the thin side and has a sore at the base of his tail, but I never saw him being bothered by it. Arthur is welcoming in his kennel that is

DINO - A1101108 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/14/17 **ON PUBLIC LIST** - Click for info & Current Status:

DOBBY - A1100737 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 01/18/17 **NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY – RUNNING OUT OF CHANCES** - Click for info & Current Status:

DIAMOND - A1101073 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 01/14/17 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: Diamond might need a little time to warm up to new people, but it is a small price to pay for her sweet, sweet company! She comes to us with her housemate due to a move, and can be skittish and timid, but absolutely wants to trust and bond with people. We’re told she has a low activity level, was playful and tolerant with a 3 year old, and manages to sneak into the garbage

LAYLA - A1101183 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/17 A volunteer writes: Up front in her kennel, tail wagging gently, Layla is leashed easily and out we go. Her leash manners are lovely, she potties the moment we’re out the door, I put a coat on her and off we go to the park. Wagging her tail as we walk, we chat about the cold, the park, her favorite treats and what her favorite TV show is. No surprise — it’s Pit Bulls and Parolees!! She’s an av

TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/17 - - Info To rescue a Death Row Dog, Please read this: To view the full album, please click here: - Click for info & Current Status:

LARA - A1100965 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/17 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: I first came upon Lara as she was waiting in the hallway for her cage to be cleaned. Although I was at the other end of the hallway, this happy little girl couldn’t contain her excitement–the second she saw me, her tail was wagging and her body wiggling so fast that she spun herself in a few exuberant circles before I had even gotten to her! Happy and energetic does not

GARBANZO - A1100908 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/10/17 A volunteer writes: “My little jumping bean.” That’s what I say to myself through a grin as little Garbanzo hops into my lap and asks for more cuddles. Roughly the size of a chickpea, this 48 lb. dynamo lured me right in with his calm kennel presence and oh-so-sad, puppy eyes. But lest you be fooled like me, I’m here to let you know that this beanie baby is anything but sad. He is light and

1/10/17 STILL NEED HELP!! 1/5/17 PLEASE CONTINUE SHARING TO HELP!! Niva now known as Ziva was pulled by All Breed Rescue and transported to her new family on Christmas Eve. They had recently lost their beloved ACC rescue Julie to a lung tumor. Niva began showing alarming symptoms like lethargy and shaking throughout her body. She was taken to emergency and was...