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Buying a plot of land and building a house on it is a dream for many of us. #RadheSerene gives this opportunity to you. #ResidentialPlotsinAhmedabad #RadheDevelopers Visit: for more information.

Create a #Focal #Point. There are leading roles and supporting cast members in…

from Malavika Suresh

10 truths of having a strong sense of self.

Radha Krisna ...Their love story is eternal. And my love for you in just as strong. Unbreakable.

The Dorcas - Victorian Bridal Top Hat with Bird, by Topsy Turvy Design

#RadheSerene – a project of #ResidentialPlots offering by Radhe Developers at just 10 minute away from S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, where you can design your own dream house! #RadheDevelopers #ResidentialPlotsinAhmedabad Visit: For more information.

#Land is the secure ground of home and so the wise young man of today invests his money in residential plots. #RadheSerene #ResidentialPlotsinAhmedabad #RadheDevelopers Visit:

450 sq.yard onwards #ResidentialPlotsForSale in #Ahmedabad located in just 10 minutes away from S.G. Highway. The key specifications include well landscape garden, internal roads and pavers, street lights, plantations, compound wall and gate of each plot, 24 hrs. security, 24 hrs. water supply and electricity. etc. #RadheSerene #RadheDevelopers Visit:

#RadheSerene - unique plotting scheme set amidst the beckoning nature and pool of remarkable amenities like "RCC roads". RCC roads are durable and safe. They are considerably less prone to wear and tear defects like rutting, cracking, stripping, loss of texture, and potholes that can occur with flexible pavement surfaces. #ResidentialPlotsinAhmedabad #RadheDevelopers Visit:

#Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else's approval. #BeautifulMorning #RadheDevelopers