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This hit me so hard. This is def a good reminder to stop and smell the roses, and to live.

Prayer Of The Day – Death Of A Spouse --- Dear Lord, My heart is heavy for those who have lost a spouse. I could not imagine losing my best friend and lover, yet these husbands and wives know that pain all to well. I pray that your lovingkindness would comfort them. I pray t… Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/prayer-of-the-day-death-of-a-spouse/

@carrottop and I just saw a commercial of a kid that couldn't use the restroom unless he was playing on his tablet. Smh. Thinking about the future generations breaks my heart. These kids are going to be lazy, ignorant, and they won't be creative at all.

Well ain't that the truth! You're like an old worn out record! Can't you come up with something new??? I know, burglary, fraud, blah, blah, blah, blah! Old threats...is that all you got?

Women who live with abuse is the hardest for me to watch. Stand up...and walk away. Even if means you have nothing, you'll have your life and you'll have peace. You deserve so much more.

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