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Gerard Way Quote, Lead Singer of My Chemical Romance. I'm strong enough... but I'm still going to listen to My Chemical Romance. Thank you so much...

The ghost of you....I swear every time I watch the music vid for this i cry. *not my work follow the link*

Helena, My Chemical Romance - The Helena music video kind of speaks to me because if I were to do, and well, I guess whenever it is I die, I don't want my funeral to be super sad and depressing. Of course I want to be remembered and it's okay if people mourn for a bit, but I don't want them to be super upset about it. Funerals are meant to be a time for mourning a loss of a loved one, but honestly, they are really depressing. The funeral in Helena is basically showing that it's okay to be…

Would anybody like to be added to this board? «no pop music» comment c: have to be following the board so I can add you :3 *gets no comments* lol no okay

My Chemical Romance ∞ One of my favorite bands and they taught me just because I'm different doesn't mean I'm means I'm me and only me

if these actually came out in 2019 i would literally clear the shelves of them, binge eat crisps, and then wash out and flatten the packets and pin them to my wall