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I'm an art teacher in college, my students don't know that me and the rest of the art faculty are responsible for all the street art round campus

Dallas Cowboys won against the infamous Green Bay Packers- Final 30-16. Dak threw his first career intercession of the season. But, all in all, he and the rest of the Cowboys did a tremendous job against one of the greatest teams in the League.

Hey guys! What are you all up to? I just got home from work so I'm excited to read and relax the rest of the night! And I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to finish The Raven Boys tonight so that's exciting!

ROUGE - A1091129 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/14/16 A volunteer writes: Rouge may be little, but she’s full of personality! Little lady Rouge (or Roo Roo, as I like to call her) has lots of energy and seems very excited by other dogs, but doesn’t know yet how best to play with them (learning to follow all the rules of doggy playtime takes time, consistency, lots of treats–and most importantly, a dedicated adopter!). Rouge would do great

actually, its sun, moon, tew, woden. thor, friga, and Saturn. Saturn, moon, and sun were all made by the romans then the Saxons changed the rest to be saxon gods names.

"Some actors are suburb-famous (these are either Hollywood megastars or in TV shows); some are award-famous (these are the ones who star in biopics and get earnestly interviewed by weekend supplements; they are often not actually famous); some are internet-famous (these are the ones who spawn memes and hashtags and Tumblr accounts and see devoted teenage fans guard them jealously from the rest of the internet). But it’s only Cumberbatch who is all of these, only he who lands the straight…

OMG.. He loved this band...This song is like a letter from him.. if there was anything he would say - it would be this. Leave out all the rest.. Linkin Park

Stop exporting dolphins for entertaining public

The Most Courageous Self challenge (#MCSchallenge) is all about defining your game-changing moves and moving forward because it matters, without waiting to “feel motivated.” Your life matters. Show the rest of us that that’s true. This week only, Your Most Courageous Self, is free in Kindle format. Want the download? Head to and become a subscriber, and you’ll get acc…