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I've mastered it that's why I not blind to my surroundings. Actions speak louder then words and certain people actions have showed me a lot.... More then their "Advice" and comments.

LINOCUT PRINT Ernest Hemingway Quote All you by WordsIGiveBy

he saw her from across the street, eating her ice cream, unknowing that her whole life, she was waiting for him. and he looked, like he had never before been able to see anything.

The Daring Interview Series: Meet Elizabeth Gilbert - Brené Brown

Scientists have proven that stories change our brain for the better. Stories build empathy, change attitudes and behaviors. Storytelling is good for the brain. Storytelling makes the world better!

I believe that everything should be poetic. ... Life is more enjoyable with the kind of emphasis encouraged by poetry.

I am the type of girl who dreams someone will write me a poem, or note with words as stunning as these!