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POLAR BEAR & pine trees. How cute.........Wait, Polar bears live in the Antarctic where there are barley if ANY trees! This pics a JOKE!!!!

World's Cutest Baby Wild Animals

Though they are cuddly creatures when young, polar bear babies grow up to be ferocious predators. They are controversial zoo inhabitants, as many conservationists argue that it's unnatural to breed these violent bears in zoos, rather than in their natural habitat. However, that habitat is swiftly disappearing as the polar bear's home %u2013the arctic ice %u2013 is diminishing rapidly due to climate change.

Watch Trump and Clinton 'serenade' each other in this amazing 'Dirty Dancing' duet

I just watched Lawrence O’Donnell highlight Donald Trump’s excessive sniffs, which were even more frequent than during the first debate.  But even he continues to miss what is going on.  All he said was something about Trump’s team needing to teach him...

Website | Workshops | Facebook | G+ ------ Icy Gorton, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon, USA. Nikon D800, 16mm, 1sec @ f/16, ISO 100, polarizer. Icy Gorton Creek flows gracefully after over a foot of fresh snowfall.