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Oh my gosshhh this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my whole entire life... I am not even kidding

Recognized this beautiful piece by Rudy Francisco within the first 2 lines. An absolutely beautiful poem by a fantastic poet.

Though I wish you were there, smiling in your sleep and chest slightly expanding and flexing.

contexted: and i’ll call this one, “stop writing sad poems and go to sleep”.It's nothing wrong with expressing your true feelings but always reach out to someone who cares :)

twinflames-at-twilight Quotes About Moving On

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Aww..don't we all feel this way at one time or another?

This is the kind of reminder that I needed. I'm not that kind of beautiful where people say "wow", but in some strange ways. I guess I am kinda beautiful too.

I worry that I'm going through this right now... but is it really "almost love" if he doesn't feel the same? I think then it's just a crush, which, by its very nature, is doomed to cause pain...

Exerpts from a book I'll never write it my new obsession - because I WILL write a book and this has just fueled me!