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Caligula(b.12-41AD): 3rd emperor of Rome(followed Tiberius Claudius Nero) who suffered a "brain sickness" in AD37 and thus became crazy; c. 38 makes his horse a consular and gives him a marble stall; Goes to make Britania a Roman province, but after arriving, commands his men to, instead of fighting, collect seashells and parades them through Rome; Declares himself a god-king; Assassinated in 41 via his Praetorian Prefect(comparable to the head of the Secret Service)

Cuirass bust of Caligula. Marble. 37—41 A.D. Height 51 cm. Inv. No. 1453. Copenhagen, New Carlsberg Glyptotek.

from Atlas Obscura

Nemi Ships

One of the so-called Nemi ships, shortly after being recovered from Lake Nemi. The workmen in the foreground give an idea of scale. They were built for Emperor Caligula in the 1st century CE at Lake Nemi. Both ships were destroyed during WW2.

Julia Agrippina II was a Roman Empress. Born into nobility, she was the sister of Caligula & great-niece to Tiberius, niece & wife of Claudius & mother of Nero. Agrippina’s infamous reputation was that of an Empress & a poisoness. She was a true Imperial politician who did not eschew murder as a way to achieve her aims....

Emperor Caligula and a personification of Rome, Roman relief (sardonyx), 1st century AD, (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna).