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It's the ONE MONTH Get Back in Church Challenge!

It's the first day of a brand new month! And, it seems like a great time to issue a challenge! So, I'm sending out the ONE MONTH Get Back in Church Challenge today! I invite you to stop by & take the challenge!

A Unique Way to Celebrate Advent

Amidst the gift wrapping and decorating, how can you stop and make Advent truly meaningful this year? How can you pause and remember the real reason for the season? I have a four-week challenge for you - a challenge to Be Still & Remember. Advent is four weeks long, so you have a whole month to stop the busyness, sit at the feet of the Lord, and remember Him. Would you sign up today?

Navigating into and through the Teen Years

Parenting is a challenge! And, often along the journey, well-meaning parents lose the hearts of their children. It usually happens somewhere between the time they get their braces and their high school graduation. However, it doesn't have to happen. Discover how you can navigate well into and through the teen years in this practical article on parenting!

5 Ways to Encourage Your Daughters & Grandaughters

It's the Friendship Challenge! This 30-Day Challenge is practical and actionable, filled with printables, videos, and stories that we hope will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and begin meeting new friends.

Crossroads: Keeping Things Safe & Simple

Crossroads - This Church is Keeping Things Safe & Simple. Read all about a growing church that is focused on families and on doing things more simply. Read more at

$8.00 For @United Church of Christ friends and punctuation fanatics: my friend @Grace Dobush is selling her comma sticker sheets. What a great resource to have when you need to place a comma where life has otherwise placed a period. "Never place a period where God has placed a comma." - - Gracie Allen

Lack Of Motivation In The Church

I am not really comfortable around people especially people I don't know but I have been volunteering at church and getting involved is such a blessing. I am just so greatful for my church family and being able to volunteer and serve God