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Beastly Bugs

Beastly Bugs tells you everything you want to know about the world of minibeasts, from insects such as ants, wasps, butterflies and beetles to creepy crawlies such as spiders, woodlice and centipedes.

from Preschool Powol Packets

Backyard Bugs: Roly Poly or Potato Bug or Pill Bug or Wood Lice...

Everything you want to know about Pill Bugs, Roly Polys, Sow Bugs, Woodlice, or Potato Bugs! Plus, fun science experiments!! #preschool

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Real Framed Bright Green Walking Leaf Mimic Insect 7981

'Bright Green Walking Leaf Mimic Real Framed Insect Phyllium siccifolium alias Leaf Bug. Amazing bright green leaf mimic insect in the walking stick family. The bright green leaf like wings and legs mimic leaves on trees. via REALBUTTERFLYGIFTS on Etsy

Armadillo Bug, Boat-Builder, Carpenter or Cafner, Cheeselog, Cheesy Bug, Doodlebug, Pill Bug, Roly-poly Bug, Sow Bug, Roll-Bug, Chuggypig or Chucky Pig and Slater (Scotland and New Zealand), "Gramersow (Cornwall),"butcher boy" or Butchy Boy and Wood Bug

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Free Bug Prinatble Bingo Game

2014 - bug insect theme - Bug crafts for children | Printable Bug Bingo Cards

Zammara smaragdina The cicada is an ancient polyvalent symbol: resounding themes are resurrection, immortality, spiritual realization and spiritual ecstasy

The beetle family Phengodidae is known also as glowworm beetles, whose larvae are known as glowworms.

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World's Longest Insect

World's longest insect. Could it mean that insects are evolving into dinosaurs... mammals, primates..? Well?

"King of the Branch" by Bob Jensen, via 500px. My sister Patty actually had a couple of these. After they died, she preserved them perfectly.

Playing with Pill Bugs ~ Lab Pack with Pill Bug Information and Lab Sheets ~ FREEBIE!