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Beastly Bugs

Beastly Bugs tells you everything you want to know about the world of minibeasts, from insects such as ants, wasps, butterflies and beetles to creepy crawlies such as spiders, woodlice and centipedes.

Armadillo Bug, Boat-Builder, Carpenter or Cafner, Cheeselog, Cheesy Bug, Doodlebug, Pill Bug, Roly-poly Bug, Sow Bug, Roll-Bug, Chuggypig or Chucky Pig and Slater (Scotland and New Zealand), "Gramersow (Cornwall),"butcher boy" or Butchy Boy and Wood Bug

Free Bug Prinatble Bingo Game

2014 - bug insect theme - Bug crafts for children | Printable Bug Bingo Cards

Backyard Bugs: Roly Poly or Potato Bug or Pill Bug or Wood Lice...

Everything you want to know about Pill Bugs, Roly Polys, Sow Bugs, Woodlice, or Potato Bugs! Plus, fun science experiments!! #preschool

Howard's The Insect Book - SHORT-HORNED GRASSHOPPERS - PLATE XXXVII - Lithograph - 1902

Lithograph Print from THE INSECT BOOK by Dr. Leland Howard. This 117 year old print was published in 1902 by Doubleday. The print comes with a list of the names of the individual insects. FREE WORLDWI

Pill bugs, Sow bugs, Roly Polies & Potato bugs {The Woodlouse family!}

Some-kinda Butterfly (whatca macallit) ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths ll" board @

Broscinae Hope