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This is What Happens When Satan Steals Your Motherhood

When you want to do great things for God …And He asks you to keep on being a mom

God has planted a desire within us to do something great; something purposeful. Maybe it doesn't look the way you think it should, but it still matters.

From Grouchy to Great is a great ebook from the contributors at The Better Mom. You won't want to miss this great read as different women all chime in on how to find joy in the journey of motherhood. Being a mom isn't an easy job. Here's some practical encouragement to help you bring back the joy!

How to Make a Prayer Card Box for Praying With Your Kids

4 Steps to Help Your Children Fight the Comparison Trap

Do you ever find yourself stuck in the comparison trap? Wondering how you stack up next to other women? How can we be set free and train our children not to do the same? It all starts with knowing our identity. Our identity in Christ to be exact. Do you know who you are?

Creating Enforceable Limits for Kids

Tired of always yelling at your kids to behave? Try setting enforceable limits instead. This is a great parenting technique based on Love and Logic.

Mom Sets the Tone {5 Ways to Reset Your Mood When Anger Strikes}

A mom sets the tone for her household. The mood of your family will ultimately reflect your own. If you are crabby, they will be too. Do you struggle with anger or just an overall bad mood? This post is for you. Here are a few surefire ways to improve your attitude and mood today!

Holiday and Summer Break Screen Time Rules for Kids

Holiday and Summer Rules for Screen Time, Free Printable, Manage screen time for kids, Setting Screen Time Limits, Get Kids interested in fun activities.