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❤️❤️❤️to be honest I wouldn't mind someone getting this for me ;) ;) ;)

fresh mint flavor iPhone Case

Shut up and take my money!

While an alarm clock pillow is a good thing in theory. I would wake up every morning jumping out of bed afraid for my life.

Cute Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie iPhone Case

Cute Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie iPhone Case

So shop accessories on Nylon. Lovingly curated by Nylon staff - Shop Accessories- because you're awesome.

Happy V-D lol

Happy V-D lol

an oreo dipper. seriously. why didn't i think of that!? genius! Though, my fingers work quite nicely.

31 Reasons Pinterest Is The New SkyMall

Eat sandwich cookies without getting your fingers sticky with the oreo dunking spoon. This clever spoon revolutionizes the way you eat oreos.

My  Mandala Anthology by Jessie Noah on Etsy  One of my coloring books is in this treasury!! Yay!!

Mandala - iphone 4 case, iphone case, iphone 5 case, Minority Totem via Etsy

New DAISY mobile phone case available on iPhone 4 4s, iPhone 5 5s, Samsung S3, Samsung S4.  By TheSmallPrintCases, £10.99

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