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Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree

Rainbow finger-painted bubble wrap tree...a fun process art activity combining art, nature, and sensory play!

Popped Bubble Art

Popped Bubble Art: I've done this activity with my kids a few times now and it never fails to fascinate them - and me! Simply color bubble mix with food coloring and blow bubbles onto paper - as the bubbles land and pop, they create beautiful works of art. It goes without saying that this project is best done outdoors. A great one for those lazy summer afternoons.

Popped Bubble Art

Peppermint Scented Homemade Play Dough Recipe

Bubbles even toddlers can do! Here's a super toddler trick for bubbles they don't tell you. Add a little food coloring to the bubbles and have a couple containers of a couple different colors of bubbles. Tape paper to the wall. Blow the bubbles to land on the wall with paper. You will end up with a beautiful colored abstract artistic design made by blown bubbles made by your little toddler.

Bubbly Adorable

I'm thinking this can be made with slices of pvc pipe and spray painted

31 Insanely Cool Ideas to Upgrade Your Patio This Summer

Patio is also an important component part of your summer life. Just think how cool and cosy it is that play with your families or entertain guests in a beautiful patio with flowers and trees! So it’s time to upgrade your patio. It’s not difficult. You can plant some flowers with different colors that makes […]

Infant Sensory Play- When, Why, and How?

Get the scoop on infant sensory play- why you should do it, when to start, and simple ideas from an occupational therapist.