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Pyramiding in Leopard Tortoises is not normal. I see all these photos of people's pet tortoises with this condition on Pinterest. Your tortoise has a problem people. Look it up and Fix it! They live to long to be fed a crappy diet!

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Edible Plants for Tortoises

If you have a tortoise and you're working on an outdoor enclosure or you're just trying to vary the diet as much as you can, you'll definitely want to consider going outside of the grocery store for greens, flowers, and plants. You'll will want to... - Tortoise Care Information, Tortoise Housing, Tortoise Keeping, Tortoise Caresheet, Pet Tortoise, Tortoise Care Sheet, Sulcata Tortoise Care

My Pet Tortoise wont sleep without his happy meal toy, If i take it out he'll search around his tank until he finds it - Imgur

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Midwest Tropical Aquarium Coffee Table - 25 Gallon Freshwater Acrylic (675)

Midwest Tropical Aquarium Coffee Table combines the elegance of a coffee table and a functional design of an aquarium.