The real reason for watching Avengers #loki
A little bit of...Avengers by ~Star-Jem on deviantART    Darn!! Now that song is stuck in my head!! Hahaha!!
They want to be as close to the real thing as possible
Yep ……pretty much
BAHAHA! I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE!! NORSE MYTHOLOGY FTW! -->> Mjolnir by Kerolunatica on deviantART #lokifanart
Combining two of my favorite things: avenger texts and harry potter Lmao it took me a bit to understand who they were texting... I LOVE IT!
This is do dang cute!! I think of you two every time i see it!! @OfficialLoki @QueenofFandoms1
You know it's bad when even Loki does the facepalm <- I do this all the time, whenever someone in my class does something ridiculously stupid.