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carujinha: Live is beautiful! | via Tumblr no We Heart It.

gagarin-smiles-anyway: Saint Petersburg (@natalia_krasnova_)

zenwiccan, coiour-my-world: Atardecer en Soledad ~ Alejandro...

niiv: Jewelry is a form of expression to me. I put on pieces with purpose and thought. For me necklaces and rings and earrings and bracelets become little talismans imbued with meaning. . Im often asked where I get my jewelry. The answer is well from all over! In this picture you see gifts something ordered off the internet and something handmade by me. My favorite place to buy things is at festivals; pieces bought there have such special energy and remind me of such happy days. Around…

Smoked Whiskey Hot Apple Cider

coiour-my-world: TWO ROCKS by Beno Saradzic Tiny island of St. George Montenegro