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Schecter Hellraiser Casket Guitar Active EMG Pickups Locking Tuners 24 Fret G G | eBay

So many questions unanswered, such as … 1. Where the hell does someone find a vintage casket? 2. Why would someone want a vintage casket? 3. Yes, there’s a musical instrument inside that is suspiciously similar in size, but this is clearly a casket. 4. Why are there stains on the inside? 5. What the hell? 6. Why is this even for sale in an antique shop, of all places?

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c1900 Antique Copper Lead Railroad Funeral Home Vintage Coffin Casket

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Why should cremation be so somber? And why should your eternal resting place be some giant flower pot? Anna Marinenko's ghost urns are perhaps the only way to be certain you'll become a ghost after you pass away.