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I'm so glad I found the Shaklee products - I'm always secure in knowing the products are safe and effective. Always were and always will be. They have never had to recall a product.

ProSanté Long-Lasting Finishing Spray provides Long-Lasting, Touchable Control Has medium hold for a natural and lasting style. Long-Lasting Finishing Spray also boosts shine and luster, strengthens hair and protects it from environmental and UV damage.

The Healthy Solutions Regimen is designed with products to address America’s top health concerns: heart health, brain function and aging well. This regimen includes Vivix®, MindWorks™ and OmegaGuard® -- Vivix is designed to help slow cellular aging naturally with potent antioxidant blend -- MindWorks key ingredients help improve memory and focus, and protect against age-related mental decline -- OmegaGuard helps reduce the risk of heart disease with pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fatty…

ProSante` Shampoo - I use it for gentle, regular cleansing that leaves my hair feeling clean and manageable. I can maintain my hair's natural pH, oil and moisture balance, strength, shine and resilience.