Phoebe (SWEET AS PIE!!!!) is an adoptable Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless) Dog in Beverly Hills, CA. Never did a sweeter girl exist. She loves everyone and everything!!! Phoebe is gentle, quiet, lovi...

Tibetan Mastiff - OMG! I want this massive, cuddly, teddy bear doggie! ♥ For some reason, I like dogs that are either very tiny, or totally huge. Not so much on average or in-between.

Justice For Peanut! Critically Ill Dog Neglected By Owners And Dumped To Perish! |

**VICTORY Update** Following a nearly 5 hour long trial between Hutto Police and the original "owners" of the dog we know as Victory, a Texas judge ruled that Victory will not be returned to her original owners, and shall remain under the care of Austin Pets Alive! This means that they can now move forward with her reconstructive surgery! Share the good news!!

Incredible photos of heroic mother dog carrying her ten-day-old puppies from a blazing home to safety #DailyMail

Dogs tortured then killed after 'free to good home' ads. PLEASE DO MOT POST YOUR PETS FOR FREE. IN FACT, why are you even giving them away? You adopted them for life not to be thrown away like trash. Shame on those who do this. #animalsmatter #FightAnimalCruelty

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