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I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS!! I am showing you a literal piece of my soul the least you can do is PRETEND to enjoy it

He also had to stand up to let Phil out of his seat but let's go with the other explanation because he did stay standing for a bit

No mercy.

I'm just picturing a Demon threatening a human and the humans just not having any of it and the Demon is trying increasingly frantic ways to scare the human.

For some reason this photo is so calming to me. It kinda makes me forget every thing bad that happenned this 2016 and it's not like a big deal of a photo, none of the phandom is using caps to respond or anything. Just a photo of two people I love that people are appreciating, not screaming over. It makes my heart smile.

17 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from 'The Property Division Collision' (10x10

Quote from The Big Bang Theory 10x10 │ Penny Hofstadter: I think I’m gonna go for a run. You want to come? Leonard Hofstadter: No, last time that old lady in the park kept screaming, “Watch out, he’s right behind you.”

Okay everyone, my new Patronus is President Obama...actually, no wait, Jon Stewart. My patronus is Jon Stewart.

Does this remind anyone else of brendon Urie?

Can't be a HATE crime ??? The guy was WHITE, not to mention mentally challenged...while they were screaming fuck white people !!!!!!! Turn it around and the media would be going insane !!!

I don't know why but just seeing this Elf on the Shelf riveting through the room on a fan makes me loose my shit.