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My best (Internet) friend actually lives less than two hours away and we're planning to meet and I'm so happy!

My best (Internet) friend actually lives like 25 hours away from me and it's so hard cause I just wanna hug her and have an actual conversation with her that's not on a phone screen😭

Same clothes home grown stones thrown from the creek that we used to Rome but it would only reminde us that nothing really mattered and from student lines to treehouse homes we would always take the lader

To all my bestest besties on the internet. Loves you all I knew this isn't art sorry so I expect the hate but hey love you lovelies

I love you all! About a year ago, I didn't have any friends and I was ashamed about my mlp art. I saw this board and I joined.and I've made so many friends and now I can say that I'm very proud that I draw mlp.

I once lied to my parents when I was 17 and said I was going to my cousins' house for a week, when in reality I went to 18 different states to meet my internet friends.

The first whisper reads, "My mom saw carpet burn on my elbow, I lied and said I fell going up the st…"

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It’s always exciting to get paper mail. >u

It’s always exciting to get paper mail. >u penguin hug gif envelope