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I have had terrible anxiety and panic attacks since I was very young. This past summer, it got so bad to the point of me being too anxious to leave my house for anything. My mom and my dad are usually the ones who can get me to stop panicking. I decided to have these words tattooed in my mother’s handwriting on my right wrist so I can look at it any time I’m feeling anxious and know that I can get through it. This is my first and certainly not last tattoo. Done by Bruce at Longshot T

tumbrl "This is my hamsa tattoo. It reminds me to keep my head up through shitty times and to not let anything stop me from being happy. I got this at Ambrotos Tattoo in Silver Spring Maryland."

Mentioned this at ladies group recently; how I was listening to that Beatles song and the line....There will be an answer, let it be.....hit me like a ton of bricks! Let Go, Let GOD. I just maybe, just maybe get this tattoo someday as a reminder!