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Jesus did ALL that for us & more on the Cross~ You just have to BELIEVE it, RECEIVE it & TAKE it!

I can SO relate. It was hard when I realized I would never make it to Ireland, my lifelong dream trip.

Will Probabaly never happen...I remember the commercial with the little boy and the owl

Great Life Hack that works really well...have a little boy who will b running around the yard soon and into everything. Prefer this to round-up which I believe contains a form of agent orange.

Hopefully this isn't a scam but then again if it is the little girl might be made up and not actually have cancer which would be a good thing!

"Starlight, star-bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might. Have this wish I wish tonight." I can't wait until the day I'll be able to teach that to my children and try my hardest to help make their little wishes come true. Just like my parents did with me.

Surrendering is not easy. Letting go is always difficult. There are times in our lives when we don’t trust God enough with a certain relationship we’re holding on so tightly to. We think God can never bring it back again. And we think that God isn’t able to write our love story as much as we are able to. God is the author, designer and maker of our lives. He is the author of love and romance. He created everything. I totally believe that the best love story you can ever have has to be…

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FREE Chalkboard Fonts

Hello out there. I hope that you’re having a fantastic weekend! I thought that just in case you weren’t so keen on my art to make the bath boxes but liked the idea, that I should share with you the fonts I used. This way you can create your own! All fonts are available forRead more...