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The bright red face of a uakari is thought to be an honest indicator of the monkey's health, facilitating mate choice. The healthier and more parasite-free the individual, the brighter the face.

Bald Uakari | White Bald Uakari

Bald Uakari | White Bald Uakari

Bald Uakari | Captive infant Ucayali Bald Uakari

Captive infant ucayali bald-headed uakari - View amazing Bald-headed uakari photos - Cacajao calvus - on Arkive

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Funny pictures about A mother swan carrying her babies. Oh, and cool pics about A mother swan carrying her babies. Also, A mother swan carrying her babies photos.

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Alpacas Pack Your Bag For Vacation

conflictingheart: “ 10 Alpacas with Hilarious Hair Some animals have gorgeous hair, like the pristine mane of a quarter horse. But what about the alpaca? Alpacas are funny looking animals with their.

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The facial skin and ears of the nald uacari (Cacajao calvus calvus) are unpigmented and appear pink-to-scarlet because of their blood in subcutaneous capillaries.