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Violence against women We should be shamed if we r doing this or if we r thinking of it. We all have a Mother, sister and some of you may have wife too. We can't listen any single wrong word against them. Then how u can perform this shit. We should respect them not use them.

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Violence Against Women Statistics: Violence against women keeps blotting societies around the world without cultural, social or economic boundaries. United Nations report on the situation presenting shocking global statistics.

Zero tolerance for violence against women. 100% of the republicans in congress, voted against the violence against women act.

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I have zero tolerance for violence against women. I have to add that I have zero tolerance for any sort of violence against any one, male or female.

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For women in the developing world, the focus is on surviving everyday violence, assault and rape. Gary Haugen argues that until we acknowledge the pervasive nature of such violence, we’ll never cha…

marriage doesn't mean you are meant to be abused physically, mentally, or emotionally. Never accept violence in the name of love.

Pinner says: Marriage doesn't mean you are trapped into a relationship to be abused physically, mentally, financially and/or emotionally. Never accept violence in the name of "love." Please Never let them use your children to keep you prisoner.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month was first observed in October 1981 by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Today, organizations such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Futures Without Violence, Men Stopping Violence, Magdalene House of Charleston and Save the Children are working to end abuse against women and children. What groups are you supporting this month?

More than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes every year.

I just watched the part of Q&A (Australian political opinion panel TV show) where radio host Steve Price not only excuses sexism and implied violence against women as 'jokes amongst blokes' but also continuously talks over fellow panel member, writer Vanessa 'Van' Badham while she is answering a question from an audience member whose sister died as a direct result of domestic violence. While Badham is passionately and knowledgeably explaining that there are many layered issues surrounding DV…

Expect nothing less than RESPECT from everyone. There must be respect to have a healthy relationship. You should feel respected & safe in public & in the privacy of your home