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Ariel / Sebastian - The Little Mermaid - Kiss the Girl Song Lyrics Print by TheContraryCaptain

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Ariel Typography

If you were born any time after 1989, you are more than likely all about Ariel and The Little Mermaid. The

True for every beginner dancer, looking up at the big girls and then suddenly you are one and you realize you are exactly who you are meant to be. Dance is beautiful, graceful, powerful and fills us with so much joy. Remember to cherish every moment, friendship, and dance because one day they will all be wonderful memories

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Lyrical Songs - Playlist 35

Lyrical songs for dance...

He only had himself to blame.....Just finished watching this movie almost choked I laughed so hard

♛ Day 25: Favorite lyrics: From "Colors of the wind"

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Jazz Songs Playlist 34

Jazz Songs For Dancers - Playlist 34

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8 Amazing, Little-Known Ways Music Affects the Brain

Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music.