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Kara Liotta has designed a 10 minute "no excuses" total body HIIT This workout that can be done anywhere and requires only your body weight. Kara takes you through a fast, beginner level workout build around 4 key moves to work your upper body (forearm plank knee taps, modified push ups, tricep dips, side lateral raises) and ending with a Plyometric push.

Certified Trainer Rob Sulaver and Fitness Instructor Kara Liotta take you through High Intensity Interval Training. Each workout is a blast of energy you can do at home. Rob and Kara focus on all parts of your body, emphasizing correct form to take you from beginner to advanced. #HIIT This

Personal Trainer Rob Sulaver takes you through some workout basics, emphasizing form and foundation as the pillars of a solid exercise routine. In this HIIT This workout, Rob takes you through 2 circuits comprised of 5 different exercises (squats, protraction / retraction, push ups, bird dog, mountain climbers). Remember, move excellently and then move intensely!

Fitness instructor Kara Liotta has crafted a workout focused on your core, which will get your midsection in tip top shape. This 9 minute HIIT This workout for beginners is made up of 4 moves (Russian twists, reverse crunches, Spider man plank, crunches), repeated twice.

Have you been putting off your workout? It is now time to get your cardio done quicker. Fitness instructor Kara Liotta has developed a HIIT This cardio routine under 10 minutes designed to burn calories and get you fitter, faster.

Fitness instructor Kara Liotta demonstrates a beginner cardio workout she designed to make you sweat. Prepare to jump, jog, squat, and get your heart rate up in only 8 intense minutes.

Fitness instructor Kara Liotta leads you through a high intensity 10 minute total body workout with a special emphasis on your lower half. This routine involves a circuit of 4 moves (glute bridges, hamstring curls, supermans, lateral lunges) repeated twice.