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Grindr/hookups...it's ok not to come

For anyone that struggles in the bedroom like me.it's ok not to come

Living with Crohn's disease-farts and all!

Living with Crohn’s disease-farts and all! – How To Stop Farting And Flatulence

Recoverlog 11: Slotting back into normality

Recoverlog Slotting back into normality

Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts

After a rare reaction to a medication back in May 2011 I became very severely depressed, anxious, and depersonalized. Suicidal thoughts and ideations became .

Recoverlog 10: Coming out of hospital

Recoverlog Coming out of hospital

Recoverlog 16: The nature of delusions

Recoverlog The nature of delusions

Who helps you when times are tough?

Wellbeing Award nominees and judges (including Jonny Benjamin and Mark Austin) answer this question.

Suicidal? It's ok. You can get through it. Please talk.

Please talk to someone if you're feeling suicidal. There's someone waiting there right now to listen to you. Helplines are available below: UK: Samaritans:

Blushing & blinking - difficulties in communicating.

Sorry for the cut at 7 minutes, my iphone ran out of memory!