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Cancer & Sex: making passionate love, preferring intimacy, it goes hand in hand with love, ... ;D

Cancer & Sex: making passionate love, preferring intimacy, it goes hand in hand with love, .D

cats will be.......cats!:

cats will be.......cats!

This site is recipes,Foods and other category . this category name cats , dogs , fashion , wedding

Guys! Gender doesn't really matter Lin has said that he's okay with the idea of women playing the founding fathers.

I have put quite a bit of thought into this and I decided that Jefferson/Lafayette is my favorite role. This is so true it hurts.<<< well thanks to band and my genes I can sing and have rhythm but I am white and can barely rap that fast

Hasn't this been around for years

I tried it but when I got in a chat I panicked and clicked out of the window

Levihan playing parent roles<<<I will cut you if you dare hurt one of my brats

yes hello we are here to retrieve the two teenagers you stole from our adopted brood&rdquo; I just want chapter 63 to be all about protecting the teenagers


Investigating ASMR - Blink - User Experience Research, Design, Development

Pretty much screams the plot line of many Naruto death fanfics where Sasuke kills Naruto when they're fighting, Naruto continues to smile at him, and meanwhile Sasuke flips the hell out because he basically returns to his normal Team 7 self and is traumatized that he just killed his best friend

I think if Sasuke ever had killed Naruto. Naruto would have definitely kept on smiling. I also think that Naruto smiling after Sasuke killed him would either make Sasuke turns his ways around, or it would fuel his anger even more.

10 Wedding Planning Diagrams and Checklists You Won't Want to Overlook - MODwedding

Pop Quiz: Whose Job is it to help the bride pick her wedding jewelry? Find out with this Ultimate Wedding Roles Visual Guide! I really love this pin and wedding site.

Interesting facts...

Interesting facts...

Some cool facts you probably don’t know… Orangutan thing made me sad though.