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Sher-Den Mall UA Cinema 4 in Sherman, Texas Loved this theater in college because it was not a Cinemark... and it had an old Lunar Lander game in the lobby. It ran first run movies so we did not get to go here all the time... but it was good for special occasions.

Movies 5 - Sherman, Texas Cinemark opened this theater in Midway Mall in 1987. Went on many dates with Jeni here. Closed in 2004.

Six West Theater - Westroads Mall This was the last stop after a hot dog on a pumpernickel bun and some popcorn at the popcorn stand. You could enter the theater from inside the mall. I remember being scared when John Carpenter's Halloween was playing. The display was up the stairs and illuminated in orange. I didn't even want to go to into the theater to see our other movie.

Q-Twin Drive In 120th and Q Omaha, Nebraska We would go here on the weekend as a family as my dad slept, my mother and I would watch movies