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"And right before we departed we had a moment and that's when I knew, how sometimes the most beautiful things in life were meant to be broken and how sometimes the most beautiful people were meant to be left alone." — R.M. Drake

The truth is, she didn't need to be saved. She just needed to feel loved and know that someone out there craved her attention.

..pinterest do you really honestly think i care if i pinned this already?! well you're wrong

leave your horrors with me, they're beautiful .. - r.m. drake

"Luhan has abs! ABS!" I literally said this right before I saw this pic! I use emphasis way too much :P


R. M. Drake @rmdrk #500 by Robert M....Instagram photo

"Believe that we'll meet again." ∞

Right everybody talking bout Drake' feelings (that's still bae) I want me a Bryson