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Calculus: Growth and Decay

This lesson is intended for AP Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Calculus Honors or College Calculus students. The single lesson includes a student handout, a fully-editable SMARTBOARD presentation, a completed set of notes, and a homework assignment for the lesson. Students will solve differential equations related to exponential growth and decay, half-life, logistic functions for population, bacterial growth, economics, banking, and more.

There is a lot to put together in the new AP® Calculus AB and AP® Calculus BC Course and Exam Description (CED). Today I’m going to show you a way to organized all of this and arrange it to plan yo…

Calculus: Activities Bundle

WOW! Here is a bundle of 12 great Calculus Activities for the entire course of Calculus. There is a wide variety of activities to keep your students engaged and interacting. Task Cards, Stations, QR Codes, Sort & Match, and more.

PreCalculus Conics Color by Number

Conic Sections - this engaging activity will appeal to all students. This fun activity includes questions on all four conic sections including asymptotes, centers, radii, vertices, focus points, and classifications. Conics are given in both standard and general form.

This circuit was written a few years ago by one of the finest calculus teachers out there: Nancy Stephenson. It is a mixed set of review problems where students hunt for their answers to get to the next problem. Your students will love working in this format.